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This Issue:
- Teen Driving Safety
- 10 Minute Pre-Trip Checkup Can Pay Off
- Free CARFAX Record Check
- GM Blogs
- Detail Kit Special

Teen Driving Safety
We all looked forward to getting our driver's license. However, as parents the feelings we experience as our teenagers approach that special day are somewhat different. These feelings are not unwarranted as a teens’ risk of being in an accident during the first 12 to 24 months of driving is higher than at any other point in their lives.

To help parents and teenagers prepare for the big day, The National Safety Council, scientists and traffic safety experts collaborated, with GM’s support, to create the “Teen Driver: A Family Guide to Teen Driving Safety.”

The Family Guide explains the elements of the Graduated Driver License system, so that new drivers and their families may use these steps in managing from “beginner to independent driver.”

Click here to download a free copy

10 Minute Pre-Trip Checkup Can Pay Off
Car Care Council offers three suggestions for a traveler's 10-minute pre-trip checklist:

Check all fluids. There are several fluids, in addition to antifreeze, that require attention, including engine oil, power steering, brake and transmission fluids and windshield washer solvent and antifreeze/coolant. For proper fluid levels refer to your owner manual.

Check hoses and belts. A belt that fails can affect the electrical system, air conditioning and power steering, as well as the cooling system. Cooling system hoses may be deteriorating from within, so old hoses and clamps in marginal condition might need to be replaced.

Check the tires. Check tire inflation and inspect the tread for uneven wear, indicating the need for wheel alignment. Also look for bulges and bald spots. For proper tire pressure refer to your owner manual.

Click here for a complete overview of planning a trip

GM Blogs (what is a blog)
GM Blogs offer an alternative way to get a variety of information, news and insights from GM leaders, employees and others.

Click here to visit gmblogs.com

FastLane Blog
The FastLane blog is all about the cars and trucks. GM leaders discuss all aspects of our vehicles. We look forward to hearing your ideas.

Click here to visit Fastlane Blog

FYI Blog
FYI.gmblogs.com is a blog for GM news, information and opinion. It is written by GM employees and others.

Click here to visit FYI Blog

Cadillac Drivers' Log
The story of two engineers who test drive the new Cadillac CTS all over the world.

Click here to visit Cadillac Divers' Log

GM Tuner Source
Tuner Source is your one-stop web site for news updates and picture galleries from racing and drifting events around the country, as well as driver profiles, tuner accessories and build books. Whether you're an armchair tuner enthusiast or a pro driver, we've got something for you.

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