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Proper Washing And Waxing Add Value To Vehicle
- Tween Safety
HUMMER's ‘Courageous Kids’
- Helminc.com Announces One-Millionth Web Order
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Proper Washing And Waxing Adds Value To Vehicle

More than one-third of car owners use damaging non-automotive products when washing their cars-products that could contain harmful detergents, abrasives and additives. And almost half of motorists don't ever wax their vehicles.

"That's leaving money on the table at trade-in time, as a clean,
well-maintained car can be worth up to 50 percent more ... "

"Waxing at least twice a year is recommended for maximum protection, yet surveys show that 48 percent of motorists don't wax their vehicles at all," said Jeffrey Webb, director of retail marketing at Turtle Wax, Inc. "That's leaving money on the table at trade-in time, as a clean, well-maintained car can be worth up to 50 percent more than one in 'fair' condition, according to the Kelley Blue Book." More.


Factory Authorized Service Information Available Online!
Online service information is an alternative for our customers who are looking for cost effective auto repair information. Click on your preferred OEM to learn more about their specific subscription option.

Tween Safety

Explore the most recent traffic safety research, programs and recommendations for children 8- to 12-years-old, the age range marketers have dubbed the “tween” years.  Potentially too big for booster seats but not ready for the front seat, these children are at an in-between but impressionable age. It is a time of opportunity, a chance to establish safe habits as the more dangerous and independent teen years approach.

HUMMER's ‘Courageous Kids’ Program Delivers
Child-sized HUMMERs to Hospitals Nationwide

Hospitals across the United States will soon be adding child-sized, HUMMER battery-operated vehicles to their pediatric units. The vehicles are being donated by HUMMER dealerships under a program called “Courageous Kids.” The HUMMERs are used by young patients who may “drive” themselves into surgery or for other medical procedures. The goal of Courageous Kids is to help reduce the anxiety that frightened children often experience when undergoing medical treatment. More.

Helminc.com Announces One-Millionth Web Order

Helm Incorporated, the Highland Park based specialty fulfillment company announced the one-millionth order on helminc.com. This website, developed and administered by Helm, is the nation's largest source for factory-authorized owner and service information. More.


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